Neil Josephson Award

Applications are now being accepted for the Neil Josephson Leadership Award. A maximum of $2,000 is available to the award recipient to enhance leadership development in their ministry context. If you have an idea of a leadership development opportunity for your congregation, talk to your pastor or church leadership team about the possibility of applying for this award.

Gavin Jensen from Holy Community Covenant Church (recipient of last year’s award) shared a bit about how their community used the funds...

We are grateful for the gift of the Neil Josephson Award. As a young church - a four year old congregation, and with most members in their 20s and 30s - we are just beginning to learn what it looks like to share the work of leading together in life and ministry. We are able to put the award to work, using the resources provided to offer an Enneagram workshop. Twenty five people from our church community took and online Enneagram assessment and Karen Bayley facilitated the Saturday seminar, walking our group through the basics of the Enneagram tool, discussing the 9 types of the Enneagram, and the relational interplay between these types. This knowledge has been helpful to our church as we've sought to involve more people in ministry, with a greater understanding of how we each contribute to the Kingdom work we are called to. The knowledge gleaned from this workshop continues to shape the way our local leadership team is challenging and encouraging the community.

Applications must be submitted by June 15, 2016.
For more details about the award and the application process, visit our website.