Second Day of Lent

Psalm 8

Oh, LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! (x2)
Oh, LORD, we praise Your name; Oh, LORD we magnify your name,
Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Oh, LORD God Almighty! 
               -Michael W. Smith

Down through the years the words of this first verse have been sung in praise and worship in many services and that’s the way our chapter today begins and ends—as a call to worship.

When are we overcome in praise to the Lord if we’re not in a church service? I find that I marvel at the Lord’s creation when we travel through the Rocky Mountains. I also feel this way when I’m at the ocean front just watching the waves come and go in an unending rhythm. There are other times you may marvel at creation: in the quickness of the hummingbird, the flight of a bumble bee, the unfolding of a bud into a flower, the individuality of the snowflakes, the dawning of morning sunlight, the colours of the sky at the closing of the day, the colour and movement of the “Northern Lights”, the designs of frost on your windows, the quickness of a shooting star, or the birth of a child. Our list could be endless as we stop and consider God’s creation.

This chapter calls us to adore our creator—to love Him. To truly get to know Him and appreciate who He is. It calls us to reflect on His Majesty, His Holiness, His Love, His Sovereignty, His Goodness, His Righteousness and Justice, His Grace and Forgiveness, His Omnipotence, His Omniscience and Wisdom, His Providence, His Truthfulness and Faithfulness. We have an amazing God! And the most amazing thing is He wants to be our friend and walk with us each day. He has offered to not only be our friend as a daily companion, but to be our councilor and guide. J. Oswald Sanders reminds us, “Worship flows from love. Worship is the loving ascription of praise to God, for what He is in Himself and in His providential dealings. It is the bowing of our innermost spirit before Him in deepest humility and reverence.”

Marvel with me in the words from another song, this one written by Stuart Hamblin back in 1959, “How big is God, how big and wide His vast domain/To try to tell these lips can only start/He’s big enough to rule the mighty universe/Yet small enough to live within my heart.”

Elnice Doell
Malmo, AB