Fifteenth Day of Lent

Luke 11:1-13

I am constantly reminded that Jesus took time to pray; how Christ cried out to His Father and asked, sought, knocked, gave praise and thanks, and wanted above all else, for the Father’s will to be done. In this passage He shows us the necessity of consistent, persistent, and intentional prayer time. 

In this season of life, God is walking and quite often carrying me through. I am intensely aware of Christ and how He prayed to His Father. He lays it out simply here for me, for all of us. I don’t have to be educated and full of lofty words and phrases. God, our Father, simply wants me to come;  ‘come and talk with me’ (Psalm 27:8).  I give Him praise for who He is and for what He does. Whether I am aware of all His workings or not, whether I currently agree with all He is doing or not—is neither here nor there. I give Him unconditional praise and thanks because He is Lord; my Lord, and He fulfills my life with His will—not my will—His. We are to set our hearts right, to start with a posture of thankfulness, for who He is and for what is coming. We are instructed to ask for what we need; not to give a list of wants; but to ask for our needs to be fulfilled, each day. We are to ask for forgiveness and we commit to God to forgive others as well.  We ask for help consistently and persistently.

Our heavenly Father loves us and wants us to come to Him; to ask for Him to fulfill our needs, to bring before Him our hearts desires (which He has written on our hearts to begin with), to cry out to Him. He longs to give us what He has planned, the Holy Spirit.

It’s not just a one time prayer either. I am to be persistent in asking, seeking, and knocking. I am to daily come before my Lord, to give Him praise and glory, to ask Him to provide for my needs, for His will to be done, to seek after Him and His work; for Him to reveal himself, and to knock on the door to his pathway. Then daily I have to step forward when He opens the door, shows His will, and provides what He knows I need. This consistent, persistent, and intentional prayer time; a time of asking, seeking, and knocking; leads to one thing for me: surrender—constant dependence (not independence) on the Father, Christ, the Holy Spirit.

What would it look like for you commit to daily ask, seek, and knock? And then to accept, surrender, and step into His will?

Colleen Nahnychuk
Nelson, BC


Lenten Reader 2018
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