Fourteenth Day of Lent

Luke 10:1-24

… “for I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it… to hear what you hear but did not hear it.” Luke 10:24

What did prophets and kings so desperately want to see but did not, could not—but these 72 (more than the 12… more than Jesus’ inner circle of three) got to witness? What did the prophets and kings so long to hear, but did not?

For a text that I’ve often read through the lenses of mission, movement, ministry, joining God in his Kingdom work, I see something different today —an invitation to witness the gospel in sight and sound. Pastor/teacher Darrell Johnson describes Jesus’ Gospel this way, “the Kingdom of God—life in God’s presence and God’s power—has now become available to ordinary people like you and me. It’s right here, right now.” Luke 10, in this season, reminds me that not only am I invited to go, do, practice, live the gospel—I get to see, behold, experience, witness the gospel- and it’s best, not watched alone.

What do you see of God’s presence in this living word?
What do you hear of God’s power in this text?
When you look around in this season of your life, what do you notice of God’s presence?
Where do you hear the sound of God’s power in your life?

Three of the traditional practices of Lent, this season of “putting something down so that we can pick something else up” are fasting, prayer, and alms giving. At root, they are expressions of paying attention to the present and powerful work of God in the world. Jesus’ command to send the 72 out “two by two” so often read by me as a pattern for shared ministry, also seems to suggest, you need someone else with you to say, “Did you just see that? Did we just hear that?”

May your day(s) be marked by seeing, hearing, experiencing the presence and power of the in-breaking Kingdom of God—the truth that the living God, is powerfully and presently here.

Can I get a witness?

Glenn Peterson
Strathmore, AB












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