Thirty-First Day of Lent

Luke 19:1-10

Well Zacchaeus, you are an interesting fellow. From this passage I can guess some things about you and what some of the people of your day may have thought of you as well. Because you were a tax collector, and a chief one at that, you were probably hated. Nothing much has changed since then. My sense is that because of this job you had, you were probably lonely as well. But I am curious to know how you heard about this Jesus who was passing through town. Did you have one close friend who let you know some things they had heard about Him? Did you overhear conversations of others who were close by but kept you out of their conversations? Something said to you or overheard by you made you very curious. And this I find is the one characteristic that stands out to me in this passage of Luke. You were extremely curious about this Jesus. You were so curious and determined to see Him that you did some things that were not characteristic of the men of your day, you ran hard and fast, to get ahead of that crowd and because of your height had to climb a tree to get a glimpse of Him. You really wanted to see what He looked like and know more about Him.

Your efforts payed off and you got a bonus to boot. He stopped and asked you to come down and take Him to your house for a while. Now you could truly find out about all those things you had heard. Your curiosity or preconceived ideas of Him would be satisfied.

He also look some criticism from this same crowd for going to be with you. He had your back on this one. I see that once you had met Him it changed you (and your household)—a lot! He does that to people who meet Him you know. He saves them and that changes them.

I hope I can be as curious and determined as you were that day, to keep on meeting Him each new day I am given. It will change me too! And just as you became a son of Abraham because He came to seek and save you, I too can be his child as well by faith in Him. Thank you Zacchaeus and thank you Jesus.

Ken Dewald
Strathmore, AB


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