Thirty-Second Day of Lent

Luke 19:28-47

When I was a child one of my favourite things to play was queen and princesses. My sister and I with our two best friends would negotiate over who would get to be the queen, the desired role. The Queen would be the leader, give the orders and would be served and honoured by the princesses.

Things haven’t changed much for me over the years I still often prefer to take the lead rather than be the follower. Especially when it comes to living my life. 

The parable preceding the text for today talks about those who didn’t want to recognize the King and follow him. When the king trusted his servants with resources he expected them to use them wisely. Some people outright rejected the king. The outcome for this was, well let’s just say it wasn’t a fairy tale, live happily ever after ending.

The text (if you haven’t read it please do) describes Jesus coming to Jerusalem as king. His royal entrance into the city did not occur in the way most had expected. Jesus was travelling from Jericho to Jerusalem, the text says Jesus went on ahead. He was leading the way giving direction to his disciples. Jesus said. “Go on ahead, you’ll see a colt, untie it and bring it back to me”. I don’t know for certain what the disciples might have been thinking but I imagine they might have had a few questions about this like… “ok, think about this...the colt isn’t ours but we are supposed to just untie it and take it? If this gets noticed, we just say the Lord needs it? As if that will be enough”. I wonder if the disciples had hesitation in following and trusting Jesus that day. Hesitation is so often my response. Jesus is the king, he is the way, we choose to trust and  follow or we don’t. In this passage the disciples recognized Jesus as king, trusted him and responded with obedience and praise. This is the way it is meant to be…this is the best way for us to respond.

Jesus wept over Jerusalem that day grieving that they did not recognize who he was and the peace he offered. There were to be consequences for Jerusalem for not recognizing and following the king. We cannot escape the reality that how we respond to the king matters. I wonder why I often continue to battle to take the lead of my own life. It comes in subtle decisions like how I spend my time or my money, how I respond to people in need, or how I  choose to complain rather than to be grateful. Do I miss the peace and adequacy of the king?

Could it be that you may struggle with this too? Today look for how Jesus is going ahead of you, what is he asking of you? Decide to follow his lead. I’ve seen over and over in my life that I am really not a very good queen, taking charge of my own way. God always has a better way for me. Before the rocks cry out can you join this princess in shouting praise; “Blessed is the king, blessed is our king”.

Darlene Anderson
MInneapolis, MN


Lenten Reader 2018
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