A Man on a Bicycle 2014

Dave McIntosh from Lighthouse Community Church (Sarnia, ON) begins his ride across Alberta (he will be riding 950km) for this year’s “a man on a bicycle” ride on Saturday, August 30. Connecting the Evangelical Covenant churches across that province. This is his third province so he may have already visited your church either in Manitoba (2012) or Saskatchewan (2013), if so you have witnessed his passion for God, church plants and our ECCC churches.

Dave’s hope is to raise funds which will encourage church plants and lift their spirits and that they dream of a project that will help them with their mission, one that they could not do without these extra funds.

This year the funds raised are blessing two church plants. They are Avenue in Toronto and the Keeners in Montreal as they are just getting settled there with the mission of starting a church.

 If you want to give to this project, please click here and choose the button at the right and scroll down for man on a bicycle. 

NOTE:  Cheques can be made out to the ECCC and sent to the office directly as well

Follow the Keeners in Montreal

Montreal Typographic Canvas

Montreal Typographic Canvas

We’ve been reading a wonderful little book called, In the Name of Jesus by Henri Nouwen.  One of his big points is – never travel alone.  He tells the touching story of traveling with his friend Bill, who has a developmental handicap, to Washington to speak to a group of Christian leaders.  He writes, “ministry is not only a communal experience, it is also a mutual experience.”

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Montreal Project Begins!

Montreal 149 kms

At the Annual Meeting in May, we shared how over the last year we’ve had a growing sense of awareness and call to join with others in planting the Gospel in Montreal and Quebec. 

Tim, Di, Eli, Ethan, Ezekiel, and Noah Keener, recent missionaries to France, are in the process of relocating to Montreal (as you read this) in hopes of being settled in for the start of the school year in September.

Tim and Di Keener

Tim and Di Keener

Montreal Typographic Canvas

Montreal Typographic Canvas

Here is a more detailed description of what our shared efforts in Montreal will look like.

Would you and your church please consider being partners in this new project?

We are working with the Keeners to develop a network of prayer and financial partners:

  • We are looking for individuals and churches who will regularly commit to remembering Tim, Di, their family, and ministry in Montreal in prayer. This week they are closing on their house and in Montreal searching for a neighborhood to live and serve in. We are asking for clarity, wisdom, and the Spirit's leading as they pursue God’s best.
  • Tim and Di have a goal of raising $2,000/month for housing (including utilities, insurance, etc.).  They are inviting family, friends, and churches who may be inclined and able to partner with them and us either through regular monthly contributions or a one time gift.

A fund has been set up with the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada and you can give online at any time.  Just go to this link and chose "Montreal Project" in the drop down list.

If you have questions, would like more information, or would like to partner with the Keeners and  the ECCC in this project through prayer or financial support, please contact Tim or Glenn Peterson, ECCC Director of Church Planting.